SMART Boards in Action - Kindergarten Integration throughout the school day

SMART Board Resources

Tips to Consider When Starting to Use the Smart Board

1. Start small. Choose one subject that you think will benefit from the use of the Smart Board. Then use on-line sources to find and use already created resources with your class.
2. Set personal goals to gradually increase your comfort level with using the Smart Board and Smart Notebook tools.
3. Don't be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS and SHARE RESOURCES!

You can download SMART Notebook for home use by clinking on the link above and following the directions to install SMART Notebook on your home computer.

Setting Up the SMARTBoard

Please note that the actual SMART board and projector you are using may look different, but the steps remain the same.

Using the SMART Board in the Classroom

SMART Notebook 10.0 adding pages and navigating the tool bar - basic

SMART Notebook - 5 Tips and Tricks that any teacher can use!

SMART Board Training - Lesson Activity Toolkit - Beyond the Basics

SMART Board Video - Balloon Pop Editing Directions

SMART Board Video - Balloon Pop pdf

Resources for finding already created SMART board activities:

SMART Exchange
CD Elementary Technology Curriculum Wiki
Internet 4 Classrooms
Teachers Love SMART boards
Center School District Template Resources
Lee's Summit Resources
The Teacher's Guide
Cobb School District
Scholastic Interactive Lessons
Power Point Games
Morning Calendar

SMART Board Tips and Tricks

CDSD Summer Boot Camp Moodle
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Teachers Love SMART Boards - Tips and Tricks